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  1. My workspace has an Ultimaker S5 in addition to several other 3D printers and in-house tracking software that relies on data obtained via OctoPrint. I have attempted to connect OctoPrint to the S5 using Ethernet and following instructions for the 2 on the internet, without success. I have also found indications that Cura Connect should have an API, but I cannot find this either.


    Can anyone point me to instructions to (ideally) control an Ultimaker S5 via Octoprint, or to access Cura Connect's APIi?


    System Configuration:

    Ultimaker S5:

            hardware type: 9051-0


            on WiFi

            developer mode enabled

    connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with an Ethernet patch (crossover cable) (after attempting with a std)

            Octopi (Raspbian) v. 0.16.0

            Octoprint v 1.3.11

            Samba version 4.5.16-Debian


    Cura 4.1.0

    Octoprint plugin - latest


    Thank you for your assistance.

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