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  1. Hello, Hello, Hello, Surely someone knows how to do this. Can got ya'lls tongues?
  2. Cura always copies profiles for me when I dont want it to (adds a #X to the profile name), but when I want to copy a printer profile there seems to be no way, but yet I know there must be because they magically appear in machine list because of something I did to cause the duplication to happen. Whew!! what a mouthful. If only I could find out how I am doing it when I dont want to, maybe I can then figure out how to make it happen when I do. Seems this would be a standard native function one would find in the "printer profiles" dialog box, but not as far as I can find.
  3. So, I was able to start a new project, which cleared the build plate, with all the same settings, and viola' "Infill before walls" shows itself again. Pretty sure this is a BUG.
  4. Trying this again since I got no response to my previous post. No, I still cant get the "Infill before walls" setting to show no matter what I do. (project attached) I have another project with duplicate settings and it shows on that project, but for some reason it gets turned off on other projects permanently, and so my only choice is to start all over from scratch. That is not the ideal for anyone trying to save time, which is what slicer programs should be striving to do. Hoping someone has found the hack to make this feature work again. Front Carriage Guard Right.3mf
  5. Has this BUG been addressed? I am convinced Cura is getting jacked up somehow and this setting gets permanently hidden. It's visibility is checked in settings, but it still does not show regardless of any pre-requisite setting (according to the documentation that is) I guess the documentation might be missing a setting that affects the Infill before walls visibility.
  6. Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same problem. No matter what I do the setting doesnt show. (enable visibility in settings, change related settings, but it still tells me its hidden because of the other settings. I have other profiles with the same exact settings, and it shows in those projects, but for some reason in some projects it gets turned off a,d no idea how to get it to show again.
  7. Always happens that the "Infill Before Walls" option gets turned off by either of three other settings, Infill Extruder, Infill Density, and/or Inner Wall Extruder. No matter what I do to either of these three setting I dont get the IBW checkbox to show. When I open a new project it shows then, so I try to use those exact settings in the project im working on, but the box still never shows. I am thinking there are other settings that affect this visibility, but they are not documented in Cura. Any help appreciated.
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