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  1. It's supposed to be a cap for an I/O connector, yes. I kind of expected the six pin holes to be too small, but I might have to try and model the cover another way. The only nozzle I have available is 0.4mm, so it could get tricky. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Thanks for your help! I added some photos that hopefully shows the scale of the model. The overall shape is lost when I go to the preview section and see how the layers are built.
  3. I haven't done a lot of printing, so I'm pretty new to both Cura and modelling. The part I'm trying to print has really small dimensions and some pretty specific geometry. Parts I have printed previously could handle small geometries pretty well, so I would've thought that it was possible to make this part as well. The preview section in Cura however shows that it's not really able to make the desired shapes. Is the part just too tiny, or are there some settings that could help with this? V19 Connector offset.STL
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