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  1. Hey there, yep still available. Shipping to Canada is 120USD for an Insured Package. (insured up to 4k usd) From Germany to Canada Borders it takes 1-2 Working Days, depending wether your Postmen start working again i would assume total shipping time of a week to your door. I would ship it assembled. You might need to fasten belts and rods after shipping - can help you with that if needed.
  2. Hey, we are selling one of our Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Machine is in a more than perfect State. It prints amazingly. We made some adjustments to the Ultimaker 3 Extended: - Added Heatsinks to the Stepper drivers - 3D Solex Core -- 1 3d Solex 0.25 STEEL -- 1 3d Solex 0.40 STEEL -- 1 3d Solex 0.60 STEEL -- 1 3d Solex 0.80 STEEL - AA 0.4 (Brass, original) - BB 0.4 - Everything perfectly tightened, greased and lubricated - Filament Roller Extended - Second Glass Bed - PEI Sheets for one of the Glass
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