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  1. Hey guys! New printer here. Today i noticed a weird problem. I am making four bed clips, and an lcd knob. The clips have no issue printing but the knob i get the issue. When the printer is working on the clips it is fine. Now when it moves to the knob it works a little bit and then stops. I noticed when it stops i feel and here a click. (Now i am new, so i cant give exact names.) Its the motor where the long threaded bar is. (Stepper motor?) What is going on? Looking at the bed straight on i see the clips are clean. The knobs initial layer/s had some stuff on top. (The knob print looks okay though.) Whats going on? Is it that i am sharing a gcode with two different projects? Also i have this printer next to my staircase, and my cats sometimes jump to that table. Is the bed off? The first layer/s looked good. Thank you in advance.
  2. ok, I have checked all and found that there are no values for support infill steps. what should the values be? and should I set values for everything in the support option? thingiverse didn't have instructions for that. also I am not seeing the supports in the viewer. thank you
  3. I downloaded a gun from thingiverse. btw I'm am new to all of this. hello. I noticed it was an obj. it had problems. I converted a piece to stl, and the same thing happened. I am getting an error, and I try to fix the issues but it still says I cant slice. what am I doing wrong? here is the issue:
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