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  1. What i also wonder how it sometime can be a problem for 4mm on a wall and looks fine beneath and above the underextruded line. And this is with no geometric changes in the model.
  2. I might try switching the printcore. What I don't get is.This model is fairly large (13cm x 13cm) how can it be it's able to print the outside walls fine, while the inside gets underextruded? It's almost the same distance, acceleration and speed the printer has to go through on the in- and outside walls. And yes I could try adjusting the different speeds, but shouldn't the printer be able to print With the stock ultimaker settings in cura. I didn't mention this in the beginning, but it's not a problem that happens all the time, it may happen every 10-15 print. I
  3. did you find the a solution for this?
  4. Hey all At my work we have an Ultimaker 3e and we have had some problems it. at the moment we have a problem we cant seem to find the solution for. Sometimes a print will get wierd looking underextruded walls in model specific places. At the pictures the problem is shown on the indside walls, while the outside walls looks fine. we use PLA and the stock settings for ultimaker 3e in cura. To me it looks like a softeware issue, but im not sure.
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