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  1. Thanks. We rarely use support. But when we do. We use PVA.
  2. We use Ultrafuse PET for the simple reason, that we found it to be the best all-around material for making fixtures and prototypes. Dimensional accuracy is of great importance. And it has good layer adhesion. Here are some of our prints.
  3. Hi. Yes. That's the profile. We could share some pictures. How do you want them?
  4. We are having the problem with the cam going black, during long printjobs. When can we expect is to be fixed?
  5. We use loads of BASF Ultrafuse PET. But we use the CPE profile. The S5 Pro Bundel has a Ultrafuse PET profile. But it dos not work.
  6. His fingers got dirty 😄 We expected a improvement with the new firmware. But no...
  7. It happened to my colleague today 😖 It came with a lot of swearing... We are on the latest firmware.
  8. We are printing 90 % PET. We clean out two times per print job.
  9. We (R&D dep.) returned our first Material Station in December. Then we bought a new one in February. The new one have less issues. But the software / firmware still needs some work.
  10. Hi We are doing 5 to 8 prints a week. And this has happened 3 times in the last two weeks. We will be looking forward to the update.
  11. I've checked out the two other posts on this topic. But i don't see any indications of Ultimaker working on solving the problem 🧐
  12. And again this morning 😟 is it really necessary to prime so much filament beside the buildplate?
  13. After we installed a Ultimaker Material Station, we been having problems with the priming filament getting stuck in the S5 Z-axes lead screw. Is there a fix coming for this problem?
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