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  1. Thanks for the replies so far! Smithy- I am using the blue tape in an attempt to fix the corner curling I mentioned. I had started with a bed temp of 50c and have increased to 60c ans noted. I have since read in other forums that I may need to go as high as 70c or so (without the tape)with PLA, so I will try that. Crusty- this is what I mean, the area in the middle looks like waves it supposed to be smooth(ish) more like the bottom area of the photo. as you can see the larger image the initial skirt looks correct. RG
  2. Hello. I have never seen this before. I was trying to reduce some stringing (using PLA) and corner curling. Original temp was 200c. reduced to 198-not a huge change. I suddenly get this weird "ocean wave" look. I seems to be getting covered up with subsequent layers and smoothing out. Bed temp is 60 and using painters tape as you can see. Cooling is off for the initial layer and on at layer 2 Thank you for any advice/suggestions. RG
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