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  1. I bought 2 rolls of Kodak PETG and the spool hub was off center where the 2 halves had been glued together and they would not fit the spindle i had to take a rasp and take out about .010 thou. so I would fit.
  2. I used 2 heavy duty drawer slides , a piece of plywood & 2 pieces of 2X2 and made a slideout so i can get to the back of the printer easier. their is no vibration.
  3. with the corona virus pandemic their are no face masks. their is a large group of volunteers Pensacola mask sewers on facebook over 2000 people sewing masks. their is no Elastic or bias tape so I have been 3D printing bias tape makers to give to the group for the last month. on my Ultimaker S3 . I have Been using PLA and PETG. I think the PETG is working up the best.
  4. I have been having trouble with Cura Hanging on startup. I sent in a ticked and was given several steps to got through to solve the problem basically you go in and delete all the saved profiles with their step by step instructions. Than reload cura . so If you use a 3rd party filament you can not go in and set it up so you know which filament, color, temp, manufacture, and so on. you are using you have to use the onboard generic profiles.
  5. I have used HIPS as a support material in the past with my Makerbot Is their a profile to use HIPS with the S3 Thanks Dale
  6. Tried several things that Ultimaker recommended and found out I had a bad print core.
  7. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Tried several things that Ultimaker support recommended. And found out I had a bad print core.
  8. s3 auto level error video Why is it doing this Auto-bed-level-11-26.zip
  9. My ultimaker S3 is less than a month old. and I am getting an auto bed level error at the start of the print the first nozzle goes through the level and when the second nozzle comes down it gives me the error when it gets within a 1/2" of the plate it gives the error and stops. see video below Thanks Dale bed-level.zip
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