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  1. I attempted to print this part twice with ABS. However, both times the part de-bonded as can be seen in the image. While printing, it actually completely came off and was upside down on the bed. Any ideas why this might be happening? I've attached what the print should have looked like (it's printed in this orientation as I need to reduce warping on the top face as it bonds to another part which is flat).
  2. My colleague saved a profile for me to use on my print. We were using the same material (Tough PLA Black) for the same printer (Ultimaker S5), however when i tried to import his profile, the following error message came up. Any ideas why this isn't working? Thanks!
  3. When CPE+ is loaded onto the spool, the printer detects the material. However after about 5 minutes of printing, it comes up with an error saying the material has run out. This error comes up constantly (i've checked the material isn't getting caught). The printer also prints fine with PLA and PVA, the issue is only with CPE+. Anyone else had this problem?
  4. Additionally, the material being used was Black tough PLA
  5. My design has a slight incline (one side is only 1mm higher than the other) However rather than printing a smooth ramp, it is printed in steps like a mini staircase (as seen in the picture) This creates an uneven surface and also a rough finish. I tried increasing the top/bottom thickness and setting the cooling to maximum. Has anyone else experienced this?
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