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  1. Hi Do you still have this unit? We are located in South Ontario Canada
  2. Thanks for the fast response.... Am i able to pause the UM3e from the front screen live (or through Cura while live), i assume i can then change the filament and restart the print if i see the spool getting low. Also i assume it will feedback to Cura the live monitor over a wired LAN connection? Do they come pre-built or are they kit form?
  3. Hi I am looking to purchase an Ultimaker 3 Extended, however i have a question. How much weight will the build plate handle? we want to print something at 500grams (0.5kg) according to Cura, will it work? can we print 2 of them? If the printer runs out of filament, will it stop and wait for new filament? Many Thanks
  4. Hi, is this still available? What would shipping be to Canada? i assume it would ship assembled?
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