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  1. Thank you for the tip. I just downloaded the 4.9 version and on my MAC that also causes a problem with fusion 360. When I try to print, I tries to open CURA but then it crashes first. Once the app is open in my background and I try to start the printing again from Fusion 360, now it will post the object into CURA. All I want to find out, where in the software can I define to which port to connect. My CH340 USB port on my laptop is connected to COM5 and that same laptop connects perfectly to my Ender 3 Printer without any problems at all. Thank you again for the tip but I was hoping that I can tell an application how to connect to a printer.
  2. I try to use CURA with the Artillery Siderwinder X1 for which I can't find a printer to pick in the software. Defining my own also does not work as expected. Here is what happens: When every I print, the print stops, then the print head is lifting to the far right back and about 10cm up. After that it keeps printing there without filament coming out. The bed starts banging to the front edge limit over and over until the print is stopped manualy. How can I fix the problem and keep using this otherwise great application on my MAC.
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