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  1. I guess it's the fan in the control-box you want to replace? I did this mod: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2764990 and used 1200m Noctua fans (NF-S12A) instead. I don't remember if I use any other fans in the box, I guess you can check that in the comments for the mod. However I have used this for over a year now without any problems, and the box seems to be very cool. I have also replaced the hotend-fan to a NF-A4x20 and added NEMA17 dampers. I must say that the printer is quiet now 🙂
  2. Hi, I bought an upgrade-kit from AliExpress with the Mark2 board. However the "AWG 18 wire" and "Molex cable for the temperature sensor" (I think it's a molex kk 254 cable, but I can't find that anywhere either) was not included. I just cut some wire from another PT100 to use instead of the AWG 18 wire, I guess that should work, but I don't have any cable to put in the temperature sensor input. Are there any benifits to connect these cables at all on the Mark2 board, or can I connect the cables from the print-head directly on the Ultimaker board instead? Th
  3. Hi, Did you, or someone else, ever do this? Does it work good and what components are you using? I recently bought a UM2 Extended+ and since I have used a CR-10 before I have a lot of 1.75mm PLA/PETG (told my gf that it's worth around 300$, so it's probably more than that..). Therefore I looked into converting my UM2 to 1.75mm. I'm also interested in dual extrusion. After some research I found two different ways of doing this: 1. Mark2 with the second printhead and extruder made for 1.75mm 2. DXU I think Mark2 might be the wanted way since I can keep ev
  4. Hi again, It doesn't seems like it's possible to edit a post, so I have to create a new one. I asked a chinese colleage to ask the seller about the 2*4*1 insulator, and the seller said that he will not restock it. Do someone know if it's possible to order it from somewhere else?
  5. Hi all, I just bought an Ultimaker 2+ Extended and since I have used a CR-10 for about 2 years I still have a lot of 1.75mm filament and the 1.75mm filament is highly available in my country, therfore I would like to convert the UM2+ to 1.75mm. I would also like to try out dual extrusion and direct drive, and I found this thread, which seems to include the 1.75mm part and also the dual extrusion part. It also seems to do it for around the same price as it would cost to only do the 1.75mm conversion. I have looked a lot into the BOM and the seller from
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