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  1. Hey- i have printed this new lever, but I'm a bit worried about disassembling the current lever. Although it's clearly not fit for purpose, is it possible to take it apart without breaking it?
  2. Right I think we have a similar issue. The guide definitely helps as it stops the material crossing over the other spool and rubbing against everything.
  3. Thanks for this. I realise that because I'm using amazons's PLA it doesn't site on the spool holder that well and the PLA is being fed into the motor at an angle. I switched it's place so it sits in material slot 1 on the spool holder instead of 2 and it managed to complete the print with no issue. I'm now trying to print this lever to see if that fixes the issue and will try and replace the worn lever with this one. Thanks!
  4. BINGO You're a genius dude, thanks so much for your post. I'm 99% sure this is it (or at least part of the problem)- when i originally saw the arm had this dip in it I thought it must be part of the design but on removing it, it's clearly been worn out. I take it I need to contact a local reseller to source this part? Is there a more durable alternative version out there?
  5. Thanks for the reply. This does look similar. I did take apart the feeder motor and it seemed fine but i will try again. I just sent another print immediately and nothing's coming out. I'm sure it's the feeder eating into the material, but i also know that the nozzle gets sort of blocked- when i do a hot pull and initially insert the pla to clear it out, i need to push quite hard and there's a pop sound before a load of pla pours out, so something's definitely getting stuck in there somehow.
  6. Hey guys, I've been trying to fix this for a while- I've taken apart the feed motor, cleaned out bowden tubes, replaced nozzles, hot and cold pull, levelled the print bed, replaced material, basically everything I can think of. A print will start fine and then be unable to complete subsequent layers as you can see in this photo: I think it's a feed issue- either the nozzle is blocked or the feed motor has an issue, as i can force the material through near the feed motor and it seems to resume correct printing but resorts back to this intermittent printing pattern soon after. I have no idea why it's happening. I'm using Amazon's 2.85mm PLA using the settings recommended by them ( 215c printing temp, 50c plate temp). I've given up trying to figure this out at this point and would love it if anyone here could shed any light on it? On the printer when the material is loaded, i select PLA and then in Cura I put the settings listed above in. When i send to print i get a message saying there's a difference in printer and cura settings and i Override- could this be the source of the issue?
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