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  1. I'm using AA0.4 as well. Pretty much all my parts use 0.25mm for the build material, but it won't allow 0.25 for the breakaway. I'm building model aircraft parts that are extremely hollow, so 0.48mm walls and very low percentage fills. It's pretty amazing what you can get away with if you really push it. @Emerald: Thanks for the tip - the Minimum Support Area took care of that issue.
  2. @Emerald: thanks for the tips. I'll try those. I haven't had too much trouble with the prime blob tagging along, but I've made sure to apply glue to the entire print bed, including where the prime blobs go. @Johnse: I try hard to avoid skinny support towers, as they always fail, but I have yet to get the support-removal option to work as intended in Cura. I guess I need to look for some YouTube video to demonstrate use, as intuition is failing me here. I have run into other support issues that are super annoying. I have been printing a lot of large shell structures, where I need s
  3. I have both a U3 and several S5s, and I can report pretty much the same experience. The U3 is actually easier to work around. It never heats nozzle 2 enough for the breakaway material to ooze during active leveling. I just need to remember to clean the tip well before leveling starts. On the S5, I have not found a fix other than babysitting the printer - to include 2 or 3 aborts and restarts for each job that includes breakaway material. I too work at a facility that does not allow me to dissolve PVA into water without treating the water as hazmat afterwords. I generally like the p
  4. I'm not sure if this issue has been addressed before - if so, perhaps someone can point me toward the appropriate thread. I have an older u3 and a couple of S5s, and the S5s have been driving me crazy with auto-level failures due to ooze on breakaway support material. The U3 suffers from a similar problem, but it is easily remedied by carefully cleaning the tip with the breakaway material before active leveling begins. On the S5, no amount of cleaning fixes the problem. Here's what is happening: The printer is ready for a new print, either still warm from the previous print, or co
  5. Hummm, so far I've only found a single prime-blob switch. Guess I better look again. I've had many failed prints when prime blob was not enabled for material 2 (breakaway support material). It likes to use a sparse structure on the 1st layer, and if it's not primed and the support area is smallish, there may not be any material at all on the 1st layer. However, if I enable a brim using material 2 then it will prime itself on the outer layer or two of the brim, and this works well - it just requires the use of a brim, which is a bit time consuming. Edit: OK, I see now th
  6. I just aborted a job on the S5, and during the abort process it retracted the material about 8 or 10 inches. I thought the machine had locked up during abort, as the print nozzle remained stationary on the build for a very long time. I had to look closely to see that it was retracting material for 20 or 30 seconds. Unsure if this is a Cura or printer issue, but I've never seen it do that before. I've also noticed that with "prime blob" enabled, it only creates a prime blob for material 1, never material 2. As stated above, if it doesn't create a prime ball, and if you are not using
  7. I'm getting pretty good results now if I use a brim made of the breakaway material. It takes a few minutes longer than what was previously done in 4.1.0 for the UM3, but at least now it seems consistent across the UM3 and UMS5. For sure I would advise turning on prime-blob in the adhesion settings. If you're printing with a brim, then you'll probably be OK, but if not your support structure will likely fail.
  8. I just loaded the official release of Cura 4.2.0, and it looks like the problems mentioned above still exist. In summary, here's the issues that seem problematic: 1). By default, prime blob under build plate adhesion is disabled, but my experience has been that this will wreck a build unless brim is turned on with the support material selected for the brim. Wi9thout this, the first layer of support will be broken up or missing, and if that happens, all subsequent layers of support will also fail. 2). Without skirt or brim enabled, the first layer of breakaway support is
  9. Quick update - I was just playing around with options in Cura, and if I select "skirt" for Build Plate Adhesion, it adds the full floor on both support areas. A brim using the breakaway material looks even better. I'll try one of those tonight, but it's an 18 hour print, so I won't know for a while. Actually, I'll know early if it fails. Second update: it seems to be doing well now with a brim around the part with breakaway material, however, I just noticed that it wasn't producing a prime ball when starting a print. On the brim, the outer few layers are broken up or missing while
  10. Very strange. Here's what I get - first on the UM3 with Cura 4.1.0, and second on the UMS5 with Cura 4.2.0 Beta. I included a snapshot of the Cura version info in case you are using a different version. I've tried playing with the stick-on adhesion sheets, but the material sticks to them so well that I can't get my parts off of them. I end up tearing up the adhesion sheet, and some of it remains on my part. Maybe if I used a raft under the part?
  11. Unfortunately - no joy with 4.2 beta. It partially fixes the slice issue. There now is support material on the first layer, but in some areas it builds a complete floor, and in other places it tries to build a very sparse structure right on the build plate. The sparse structure won't stick, and the part fails. I'm not sure if this would be considered a Cura issue or a printer issue though. The same part sliced by Cura 4.1 for the U3 gets a full floor anywhere the support material touches the build plate. On 4.2 Beta, however, the support is the same as for the S5. I haven't yet tried a print o
  12. Awesome, thanks, I'll try the Beta.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Is there a known remedy, or is the S5 just not usable with breakaway support at the moment?
  14. Here you go, the files for both printers. UM3_Test.3mf UMS5_Test.3mf
  15. I've had a U3 for some time, and recently purchased an S5. I'm having a strange issue with Cura 4.1 where parts that print great on the U3 will not print on the S5, and it seems to be a Cura issue. I'm using a variety of materials for the parts (PLA, TPLA, CPE, ABS, PC, etc), but all use the breakaway support material. If I slice a part for the U3, the areas that have support material get a solid floor on the first layer before starting to build up the hollow support structure on the layers above. Slicing the same part for the S5, it always skips the support material on the first layer. On the
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