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  1. Hello! My name is David, and I'm a long-time 3D printing enthusiast (rocking a CR10 at home). I recently started a new job at a manufacturing company as a program manager, and I am in charge of bringing our company a bit more into the 21st century by integrating 3D printing into our manufacturing process. I have settled on going with the Ultimaker S5 for our printer, but my boss has asked if I could get a sample part made up to take a look at before we buy the entire unit. I've already reached out to Ultimaker (waiting on reply) and a number of 3D-Printing-by-order companies (not much luck). I was wondering if any community members would potentially be interested in printing a part for us (of course paid), in case we can't quite find another option. Dimensional accuracy of features and general surface finish are most important to us, as we will be using these prints to investment cast in aluminum, and most of our clientele require tolerances within a order of magnitude of a few thousandths of an inch. Of course, we machine critical dimensions in (holes, sealing faces, etc.) but we still need the as-cast walls and 'standard' parts to come out clean and to a reasonable accuracy - we don't want to machine an entire part, only sections. So if anyone has an S5 and would be interested in helping us out a bit, I would love to work with you. Also if anyone has recommendations on what companies I could reach out to to get this handled, please feel free to put them below as well. I'm willing to give almost anything a shot, I'm just not as familiar with this side of the printing world. Thanks! David
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