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  1. Hi AndersK Thanks for the tip will dry the filament again and see how that works, We have a climate chamber where I work so I can set that to 10% humidity and dry it for a few hours.
  2. Hi Ishy I will keep testing and see.
  3. Hi I have been trying to print the Ultimaker Nylon but the parts keep warping from the bed, First I tried with Glue stick as recommended, then tried it with the Dimma fix adhesive spray and the part still warped. The part had a brim, first the bed was at 70 degrees and I tried it at 95 degrees with the Dimma fix as well but they all warped. The prints tend to be very long about 10 hours, even with the Dimma fix at 95 degrees the part warped after about 6 hours of printing. Anyone have experience printing large Nylon prints?
  4. Hi Smithy Yes I have wondered about there reliability, We use the Ultimaker filament (750g spools), and we just have to change spools in the mornings. but we have prints that last over 3 days and would like to run them over the weekends also. Is there a filament brand that does larger spools that anybody here would recommend? Does anybody here have any setup which uses larger spools on the S5? Have they had any issues/ pointers for setting this up?
  5. Thats a good way of doing it with one material, had not thought of that, the only thing is if you are using thin walls and high infill or the other way around you would use only a little of one of the spools. Will Look into the larger spools.
  6. Hi Just wondering is Ultimaker launching a new add-on for long prints where it loads a new spool automatically, say if you had a large print overnight or a weekend so there is less downtime. I see the Parusa now has a mutli material device that can load 5 different material/ spools. https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/upgrades/183-original-prusa-i3-mk25smk3s-multi-material-2s-upgrade-kit-mmu2s.html?search_query=multi+material&results=11 Can you do this with the second extruder, if the first runs out of material can the second extruder continue on.
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