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  1. Update: Looking closer at the layer view it seems like there is a large gap that is causing the print to try and print in the air. Is there a setting that I need to adjust to correct this gap?
  2. Hello, To get specifications out of the way. Ender 3 Pro, Cura 4.6.0, aluminum extruder upgrade, SKR e3 mini. I got the brim fixed so that it prints correctly but now each time I try to print the back support ends up failing early on and becomes a spaghetti monster. Tiny tree supports that I am not sure how to reinforce or strengthen. From the layer view I can see that the connecting part is very small and thin so I am not sure if my printer needs to be slowed down. I recently installed an SKR e3 mini and had to force some speed updates in the EEPROM becaus
  3. Hello. I have a model that I am trying to print but the supports that Cura is generating are not providing enough support. I have tried inserting other models to be used as supports but when I change the model to print as support Cura just ignores it and doesn't slice it. I have attached images showing how I am setting them up as well as all the settings I have changed in Cura. I have also tried to use the manual support plugin to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out why this isn't working? Images
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