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  1. Good Morning Everyone, I am reaching out to you guys to hear experiences about a systemic way to re-purpose/recycle empty spools and leftover filament. As you can see in the picture, we have a lot of empty spools and leftover filament (leftover bits from Material Station) that we have been accumulating over the months. I tried to research online but everything I find are gimmicky ways to re-purpose spools, but that is not really a solution once we start talking about the hundreds of thousands of spools that are being manufactured and discarded every day within our
  2. I am getting a lot of ER56 as well, everything seems to be clean and smooth without PVA on the way. At this point I am not sure what the issue is.
  3. Good Morning everyone, My AA 0.4 nozzle recently clogged somehow, pretty odd and still don't know how it happened, usually I only have issues with the BBs. But anyways, the filament is stuck really well, hot pulls are not working, and I don't see to find a way to figure it out. I am wondering if you guys can give me some guidance since Ultimaker recommends opening the extruder only as a very last resource.
  4. As this happened this morning I just ended a support chat with them. Since my printer is under warranty they will send a replacement cable to see if it fixes the problem. I am assuming you saw people talking about the same error through the following: I will keep you posted as it goes.
  5. Just wanted to add that I did have some major failures on large prints due to misconnection between Pro Bundle components, especially compared to my regular S5 who never presented this errors. To give Ultimaker some credit, some of the material change errors I was experience in the beginning seems to be fixed after a firmware update, but new errors keeps coming, as a matter of fact, this was a failed print from this morning after almost 3 days of printing time, the printer claimed ER80 (Air Manager not found):
  6. That is actually a really good idea. I am tried to reduce the Z-distance a little more now and will see how that goes but that for sure is something worth trying. We will have quite a lot of pieces to produce coming up and if I can come up with a bullet-proof way to print them it would make life easier a little bit. I will explore this idea more.
  7. I will try that next time. Thank you for the advice guys!
  8. You are right on point 1. Will try to change the design taking this into consideration. I was trying to avoid using PVA and keep everything with PLA, I understand that most of the issues I am having will probably be solved with the use of PVA. It just adds time and cost to the prints.
  9. I am going to try to bring this topic back in discussion since I am struggling with similar issues. I have an Ultimaker S5 printing out of one nozzle with PLA, using the 0.8mm nozzle. One picture shows a CURA screenshot with the support settings: I followed the suggestions of this thread and changed the default Z-distance to the same as the layer height, 0.4mm. I enabled the support roof to see if it would help, even knowing it would be harder to remove. You guys will see pictures of the final piece once I removed the support. I am still getting a rough finish, b
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