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  1. I have the EXACT same problem with Cura using my Sidewinder X1. If you go back to Cura 3.6 and download https://www.facebook.com/download/468387470592971/SWX1_Fine_Cura_3.6.zipp?av=100028735020269&eav=AfYS7D3AVRR4Im5AlBdVxsatEcRe9porJig6GEV5KJO_y7V2wR9pomoEAtCz-ujf4Nw&hash=AcpBO7Sgm4RWfgrv (thats the link to the Cura 4 profile converted to Cura 3), it wont stop and move to the top right. However Ive been having a problem with it stopping at 99% and not finishing. Haven't tried working through it yet. Join the FB group tho they are great.
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