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  1. I finnally woke up and realized I can expand the machine settings window and TADAAAA!!! The Start and End gcode magically appears.
  2. Running Cura 4.3 on Win 10 64 bit OS I need to edit the start gcode to change ESTEPS on my Ender 3. I am changing to a BMG extruder and the start gcode box is too small to even see a whole line and I am not a fan of reloading firmware to make the changes. I saw some other posts on this but no fixes. I tried messing with resolutions for the display and nothing helps. I tried it on my work laptop running the same OS and it does the same thing. I suppose I could switch to a different slicer, but Cura has worked well for me so far and I really don't want to take on a new p
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