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  1. I cant seem to get the horizontal slider in preview mode to show. I read it could possibly be compatibility mode but I dont see a setting for that in Cura. nvidia 1080 gtx Cura 4.6 windows 10
  2. I was slicing to a micro sd card with Cura fine. But I got octoprint running and was able to connect with the marketplace addon. But the jobs sent to octoprint are empty? Also I cant see my job in the preview window of Cura and its only trying to heat the bed and not the extruder. What am I missing?
  3. I am using Cura to send to octoprint using a creality ender 3. I dont see my test print in the preview of Cura. I was able to slice it to the micro sd and then print it manually on the ender. But now I have it connected to octoprint with the marketplace addon. When I slice it sends something to my printer but its always an empty print job. Also it doesnt heat up my extruder only the bed to what I have it set as in Cura. Any idea what im missing?
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