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  1. I have been printing from octoprint today with no issues. I'm attempting my longer print that failed last night again. Hopefully it works this time!
  2. Well I just tried the same G code again. It failed in the exact same place. Crap! I guess it's a slicing issue?
  3. Well my SD card seems to be working fine now. But my print I started last night failed. I'm guessing about 1.5 hours in it froze. When I check on it this morning it was just sitting in one spot. Maybe an wiring issue.
  4. Actually, since making my post I think it is caused by my micro SD card getting corrupted. I don't know if it is caused by Cura? I have been saving the G-code file directly from Cura to my microSD, then ejecting in cura from the little popup at the bottom of the screen. I noticed after doing so, then reinserting my MicroSD and trying to access the files in Windows, it would freeze up and crash windows explorer. This was repeatable. This might explain the strange behavior of my printer. If I save the G-code file to my hard drive then copy the file to the microSD, and eject from the windows tray icon, it seems to work fine. I just started an 8 hour print and so far so good, but we'll see. When I get octoprint set up I don't think I will have to worry about this.
  5. I'm a novice to 3D printing. I just got an Ender 5 last week. I have been getting good results for the most part but I'm having some strange erratic behavior during prints.I started with Cura 4.1 and went to 4.2 when it came out, The issue has occurred on both. 1) Sometimes it will just freeze X-Y-Z motion and just sit there extruding for a random amount of time. This creates a giant blob on the part ruining it. 2) Sometimes during the print it will just take off in X or Y towards zero. It will hit zero, go back to where it left off and keep printing. This leaves long strings. I haven't been able to find a pattern here, it seems pretty random. If it ruins the print I usually just shut it down, restart cura, re-slice and run it again. It is usually fine after doing this. I have checked all my wires for good connections. I have swapped out my SD card with a name brand card. I am printing from an SD card but I did order a raspberry pi to get set up with octoprint tomorrow. I attached pictures of both defects. I will attach the g-code from a print that had both issues occur if that would help.
  6. Thank you! I'm new to 3d printing. I join this forum to thank you. I changed my max z speed to 10 and it solved this issue.
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