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  1. Hoi allemaal, Ik print vaak voorwerpen (verlichting) in spiralize outer contour, in combinatie met fuzzy skin. Dit lukte steeds perfect in cura 4.1, in recentere versies niet meer omdat ik geen enkele setting vind om de z-seam volledig te verbergen. Zoals gezegd, in cura 4.1 was de z-seam totaal onzichtbaar. Ik heb nog eens wat tijd uitgetrokken om in cura 4.4.0 alle settings identiek over te nemen, maar helaas zonder resultaat. telkens het punt komt waar een nieuwe laag begint (alhoewel dit niet echt van toepassing is in spiralize mode) start de nozzle een fractie naar binnen of naar buiten. Dit resulteert in een zig-zaggende vertical lijn, die helaas erg opvalt in het resultaat, net een litteken. Z-seam alignment en corner preference hebben hier totaal geen invloed op, ook outer wall wipe distance wijzigt niets... Ik blijf dus voorlopig in cura 4.1, helaas, tenzij iemand van jullie nog een tip in de goede richting van een oplossing heeft? Alvast bedankt, Peter
  2. Yes, indeed... thanx for your quick response! However, this should not always be necessary. The model I'm trying to print is an upside down cone shape. At the top it has a diameter of 210mm, but at the bottom a diameter of only 70mm. So plenty of room for a brim or skirt. Cura should actually only use dimensions of the first layer to calculate the necessary space for brim or skirt. Instead, cura uses the overall dimensions... FYI: the reason why I print this upside down, is because it's printed in vase mode and will be used as a lamp shade Thanks again for your response! Peter
  3. Hi everyone, I just did a fresh install of cura 4.4, and selected the provided Ender5 profile. As soon as I try to slice a model with dimensions bigger than 197mm (x or y), Cura tells me the model does not fit the build volume. 197mm is far off the default 220mm. Where is the non-printable area (grey) defined (or is there another reason it won't allow larger dimensions than 197mm)? Any ideas and tips would be much appreciated! Thx! Peter
  4. Update: I've since upgraded to Cura 4.2.1... the line is now no longer diagonal, but vertical and still highly visible. I really wonder if no one before has ever experimented with these settings? Thanx!
  5. Hi all, I've printed this object in Spiralize outer contour mode and the experimental fuzzy skin enabled. The result is really great! Only thing that's weird: there is an obvious diagonal line which spiral's from top to bottom. It is almost as if the average skin density changes (gradually decreases) from the start of a layer towards the end of a layer... Does anyone have any idea what causes this? FYI; without fuzzy skin this line is not visible. It clearly is caused by a change in density of the fuzzy skin ( perhaps in combination with the spiralize mode). Thanks a lot for any reactions and tips!
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