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  1. The material diameter does nothing at all either... atleast, it didnt in 4.2.1 but I have yet to check if it actually does anything in 4.0
  2. Gr5, I will check what you mentioned 🙂 Perhaps I do have some override somewhere. I'm a bit wary of sending the file because I'm afraid the file may not at all be reproduced for you due to hardware differences, plus I have everything working now with inflated flow values. Also, my filament is 1.70mm (sometimes thinner. my calipers are accurate down to 0.01mm), if yours isn't exactly the same, you wont have the problem. you will extrude just fine because my settings would be set for 1.75mm as it was when I had the issue (considering your material and extruder settings actually work. and if I
  3. Please do not tell me what I did and did not do. it has no gain and it wastes both of our time if I were to lie, never mind that it would bs (excuse me if that is perhaps a bit inappropriate) me and send me on a wild goose chase when I have stuff to do 😕 . I'm saying it as it is, straight up, at least for my pc and machine, considering that every one of our machines and pc's are different (and also considering Cura 4.2.1 is still.... very buggy... some flow settings, despite active for example, are completely invisible unless I search for them .... no they are not greyed out and their values d
  4. Thanks for the response! I actually tried this, but changing any diameter settings at all has absolutely no effect whatsoever. even when changing it by 0.3mms, no difference can be seen in the software, or finished print. Flow, however, worked to fix my problems with only a small adjustment.
  5. Hi people... Is there a setting that I can change to compensate for my filament actually being between 1.69mm and 1.71mm instead of 1.75mm?? because if I use the extruder 1 settings and the custom filament settings, absolutely NOTHING happens. The diameter setting that I saw a few months ago in materials is no longer there either. The only setting I can use is Flow, but I don't think it's supposed to be used for filaments being thinner than normal... is it?
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