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  1. Hello, Now I got time to answer all this. thanks a lot for all this. To Trollingflies: That what you wrote is an old issue and does't really is my problem. I'm not able to even start 4.X.X anymore so I'm not getting even to the point with the checkbox. I started Cura with a blank, new installed Windows 10. To nallath from Team Ultimaker: What do you mean? The problem with the send box? To johnse: It looks for me also that it is a problem with the Intel graphics driver i.e. specially with Intel UHD Graphics 600. To aringer: On my Windows version there is not a "full screen optimization box or anything even close to that. I can only install an specific app to get that in. Anyway thanks again for all trying to help.
  2. Hello, here are my different stderr.logs from my two Laptops. The log file from the Asus Laptop is very short. stderr Desktop PC.log stderr HP-LP.log stderr Asus Vivo-LP.log
  3. Hello, first thanks to the fast replies. To whitingjon: I did't look the the file but I will see if it still exist. To TrollingFlies: Yes, I run the programs also as admin, I forgot to mentioned that, sorry. I never run dxdiag, I will try that also.
  4. Hello, To start with first my different machines. First a desktop (self made) with Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.267. Graphics Nvida Geforce GTX 650. Installed Cura 4.2.1, no problems what so ever. Second a Laptop HP Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.267 with Intel HD Graphics Driver version Installed Cura 4.2.1, no problems noted. My work Laptop Asus Vivo Book Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.239 and. 267 after update with Intel UHD Graphics 600 driver version 2420.100.6287. Installed Cura 4.2.1 will not start, reinstalled the previous beautiful working 4.1 splash screen came up until "The configuration will be updated" then disappeared and did not start up. The task manager had three cura.exe showing with 0% working but three different sizes, one had 53.2 Mb, one had 4.6 MB and the last one had 53.0 Mb. Stopped all exe and restarted the laptop. Uninstalled both Cura version and restart the laptop again. Installed Version 4.1 but it do not want to start. Uninstalled 4.1, restart installed 4.0 with the same result, no start. The compatibility with Windows 8 I tried at first, before I started all the rest, I forgot to mention that. Uninstalled 4.0 installed 3.6 and it worked. Then I had a good idea and formatted 😏 my harddrive, reinstalled Windows with version 1903, installed Cura 4.2.1 with the same results as before. Also any version with a 4 will not start anymore. Version 3.6. works beautiful as before but I'm not able to got any Version 4. to work. That was my weekend. If somebody has any idea please answer me. I need a little help now. WillemII
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