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  1. Well, I tried this and didn't even get that far. Pressing CONNECT in Octoprint caused the errors. I will try it again in "safe mode" when I get a chance. However, I would think it's Octoprint and have listed the issue on their website.
  2. I had a problem with my Creality 10 5s. Creality support had me re-seat the plugs for the bed and the nozzle. This seemed to help. Interestingly Octoprint used to throw a temperature limit error. Now using it just says "KILLED" on the screen of the device. However, the USB printing seems to work. I included the image that they sent me, showing what to re-seat. Note that they also sent me firmware, but I don't think it's good for me to put firmware in a forum because I don't want it to mess up anyone's machine. i don't know that the firmware helped an
  3. Note that the new Octoprint fixed the above issue. However, I have a NEW issue. When using the new PLUGIN and the PI, I get a KILLED message on the screen of the Creality and a HALTED message from Cura. If I print via USB I dont' get this. Any ideas? If you tell me where to get "logs" or anything that can help, I would be happy to do so.
  4. There was no "cancel". It is as if it "queue'd" the job or lost connection. I had to use the web version to cancel the print. Note that on my Creality 10 5s, it had me download a new version of the plugin and it now monitors and allows me to Abort Print. The real victory here is that I can actually PRINT on this device. Upgrading to Cura 4.2.1 has cost me considerable time troubleshooting (oops). I thought it was the PI, and rebuilt it, cleared Cura completely and reinstalled EVERYTHING (including plugins) until I found your comment about the new fix for 4.2.1. By the way...
  5. I have had more difficulty with 4.2 (and 4.2.1) than previous versions. The profile import issue (which is now fixed), the Octoprint issue, camera issues, and even some strangeness with the Ender 3. What used to print in an hour now takes 3. Not sure what changed. And it tried to print right off the BED! I am fairly new to 3D Printing, so I don't have the specifics as to WHY this happened (I am trying to figure that out), but it's been quite the challenge. You've done such a good job with releases that for the FIRST TIME I let it uninstall all my old versions and clean out the settings (
  6. I have the 4.2.1 and the latest Octoprint plugin. However, when I print, it no longer allows me to cancel a job from the MONITOR screen like it used to. Please advise!
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