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  1. Update. Came home today to make a new test object. 30mm cube with a few through holes. Exported STL from Fusion 360 and opened with Cura. Cura sliced it properly with several different layer heights. Would multiply layer height times the total number of layers, result was accurate to 30mm cube. Printed it out on my CR10S and again a beautiful print. Went back to Fusion360 to my original sketch for the drone plate. Expanded it to a 3.3mm plate this time. Threw new STL into Cura and still getting issues with it slicing on any of the settings. .16 and .2mm layer height
  2. Downloaded 4.2.1 and immediately got a beautiful print for a prototype drone frame base plate. Geometry for x/y not that important. Important part is that it was only a 3mm tick plate. First settings out of 4.2.1 at .16mm layer thickness and I got a beautiful print off my CR10S. Cura sliced it at 19 layers for the base plate. Done for the night I shut off my comouter and noticed it wanted to do an update. Come back the next day to print the 3mm top plate and didnt preview the slice. My CR10s prints out a 1.2-1.4mm top plate. WTF.
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