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  1. Well, it's more than just 3 walls... As I wrote, it's 3mm worth of wall lines (actually: 3.2mm - I had simplified that in my previous post), i.e. at 0.4 mm line width, that's 8 wall lines, where I was hoping to somehow get away with only 2 (i.e. 0.8mm wall thickness)... The difference between the Cura estimates for print time between the model with hollowed out middle and the one without (both using 25% infill) was actually zero in one of the test slices I did. Seems the slower print speed of the additional walls completely negated the gain of doing less infill... And all that while using up even more material... FYI: The "air shaft" at the center of my model is actually more TicTac-shaped (or should I say "minion-shaped" 😉 ). and has an inner diameter of 3cm and a height of ~6cm.
  2. Is it somehow possible to have a separate wall thickness for walls on the inside of my model? I am currently preparing to print a threaded piece with a fairly large diameter and hollowed out the middle of the piece to save material and printing time. However, as I have set a wall thickness of 3mm to make my threads more robust, Cura slices the walls around the hollow space also 3mm wide, which defeats the whole purpose of hollowing out that space in the first place... Any ideas or suggestions? Cheers, Oliver
  3. Ah, nevermind. Cura 4.2.1 was still in "Recommended" mode. After enabling custom settings, the per-model settings button became enabled again.
  4. After upgrading to Cura 4.2 and then to 4.2.1 I can't seem to get per-model settings to work anymore. The toolbar button just never enables. I've still got 4.1 installed and there the button enables whenever a model or support blocker is selected. Am I missing some change in how things need to be done now or is this a bug? Cheers, Oliver
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