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  1. Problem solved with the Help of this link/with IT: http://frederic-wou.net/set-ntp-client-debian-8-x-jessie/
  2. Well that's good to know. I can connect to the printer, yes. The problem with the time server is know but i didn't care about, because anything worked. Could you explain how to do it? I found some tread where you have to get into developer mode, but i m not sure its the right way. Thanks alot
  3. Hello, i have an issue updating the Firmware from 4.3.96 to 5.2.11. The needed intermediate firmware 4.3.97 doesn't show up on my U3 ext. What shows up is the 5.2.11 file. But when the Firmware is getting checked, I become an error "Firmware can't be verified" Can you guys help me here? Regards Frederik
  4. Hallo Zusammen, ich habe heute morgen versucht meinen U3 Ext von Firmware 4.3.96 auf 5.2.11 zu updaten. Dabei wird leider ein Fehler ausgegeben, dass dieses Update nicht geprüft werden kann. Auch das laut Manual notwendige Zwischenupdate auf 4.3.97 wird garnicht erst angezeigt. Kann mir hier jemand helfen? Vielen Danke Frederik
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