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  1. In that example I used zero infill, but I've experimented with different density values - got the same result. 100% threshold in not ok as well because it causes another issue... hmmm... For that particuar cube, if I use 3 bottom skin layers then set bridging support threshold = 100% it happens that first 2 layers appear normal but the 3d one becomes bridge-styled. It seems like Cura detects that the 1st layer is like 100% solid but the 2d one is not. So, it draws 3d layer as a bridge over that. I'm not sure if I described that issue correctly. There are too many things
  2. Hi! I'm new in Cura. I'm trying to make "roof" layers over low density infill structures printing as bridges. It seems, it only works for Bridge Skin Support Threshold=100%. Any lesser values cause ordinary skin printing behaviour of the layers (flow, speed etc). How to achieve that bridge-mode printing depending on the given threshold of the underlaying infill density?
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