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  1. I know alot of people out there help others by either making scarfs, slippers, wooden toys,etc so I don't know how to start something like that but my idea would be that most of us on here have a 3d printer and we often get to the end of a filament roll and don't know what to print. So how about if everyone gets onboard and prints out a lego piece. If we start something like this, we could make alot of kids happy. What do you think? Anyone know how to go about this? Great things start with an idea... thanks
  2. hi, I have a duplicator i3 and duplicator i3 Mini. I had created different profiles for each machine, but I noticed that when i make changes to the Mini ex: layer height, the changes are automatically changed for the other printer. How do I stop this from happening? thanks for your help.
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