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  1. I have this issue as well with PETG. When printing the small circles on the first layer, the filament ends up catching on the nozzle and sticks to it better than the bed. It can then pull the small piece off and mess up the other areas. I was considering printing a solid first layer and then the circles but this means that all holes would have to be hand cleaned. Not an issue with a few mounting holes but a major issue with something like a grill cover. I figured that by now Cura would have a resolution so I started looking more carefully at the settings. I found this under Experimental, whi
  2. If you delete the Cura folders under AppData Local and Roaming you essentially have a new install of Cura (unless there are damaged or missing files in your original install) You can try opening Cura after you have removed these files and see if it will open. You might try running it as Administrator. I have sometimes had a problem where it won't start from the original shortcut so I usually try running it from a variety of other shortcuts (Start Menu, taskbar or direct from installation location) In most cases it eventually starts. If you get Cura reporting that it has a configuration err
  3. Have you tried running it as administrator? You might have some permission problems. I have never had to run in compatibility mode.
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