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  1. Thanks Smithy and Travis. I'll take a closer look. I do mainly print with the higher temp filaments with the enclosure front cover on as you have both suggested could be contributing. The issue has become more persistent lately. I wonder if neglecting to lubricate the rails contributes too which I imagine could put more side force on the blocks causing them to tilt relative to the rods reducing their hold on the rods.
  2. Thanks Smithy Apart from the inconvenience of having the print fail, it doesn't seem to have had lasting adverse effects on print quality.
  3. Hi guys Our UM3 has been serving us pretty well although from time to time it decides to fall apart which obviously isn't ideal. It's easy enough to clip back together and get printing again, but I'm sure this is not a deliberate design feature! Has anyone else had similar issues and have a solution? In the images attached you'll see both X and Y rails completely out of their carriages. Ouch! Thanks.
  4. Inertia in a heavier head therefore slower X/Y movements also makes sense. Trading speed for the ability to use more material types and also PVA support seems worthwhile for my application. Thanks ultiarjan
  5. Hi We are upgrading our office printer from an UP BOX and I am considering a UM3 or UM3E. Marketing and reviews have worked their magic on me but I'm just hoping for some general feedback on print times (...long print times are noted as cons on reviews) and some general thoughts on print quality and reliability from those who already own (...if I had my time again I would have...). UPStudio and UM Cura are showing similar build times for same print parameters and a random selection of my 3D models. But folk on this forum are saying actual print times are often running significa
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