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  1. Hi @SandervG Thanks I'll give those print settings a try. The two models were different. Essentially one was a 15mm radius dome and the other was a 20mm radius dome (hemispheres + 15mm cylinders at the base). I just remeasured them and realised they are both actually too tall but one is +1mm while the other is +2.8mm so there is still a considerable difference between the two.
  2. I've been having issues with some dimensions in my prints where it is up to 2mm out in some dimensions. I have calibrated the printer (S5) a couple times in the past week after already having problems printing PVA supports which were solved. I am printing with PLA as the main structure. Unusually the dimension issues are not uniform. I.e. I printed two items at the same time but one was too short while the other was too tall, both were too thin. Is there a way to view the actual data that was sent to the printer as it seems like it could be some kind of scaling issue? Print settings are on extra fine 0.06mm so I would expect much more accuracy than ±2mm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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