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  1. Vazz

    Strange slicing

    Yes, after my second post 🙂 Changing the minimum wall flow solved the problem. Thanks for the help 🙂
  2. Vazz

    Strange slicing

    Thanks for the answer! I've tried turning off combing as well and it still passes over a second time. In the following gif you can see the result when turning off combing, wiping and retraction just to try to remove all possible causes that could make the slicer want the printer to travel the extra distance. The z-seam is set to user specified so that all layer changes line up as well.
  3. Hi! So I've encountered what I think is a strange behaviour in Cura. When I try to slice a thin cylinder which I intended to use for tuning wipe and coasting settings, I found that the generated travel path is weird, after printing one layer it travels the whole path again without extruding. The following gif should show what I mean. This is sliced with the default "Fine" profile without any changes made to it. I also tried with disabling different things such as wipe and retraction without any effect. The wall thickness of the cylinder is 0.455mm.
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