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  1. I just tried a print and this happened before abort: It's a reverse of the actual design. Do I have to add the support myself or do the settings in preferences take care of it? I do have Generate Support checked. What else would I need? There are so many settings that say Support... and I have no idea what most of them do. Just found Drop Down Support Mesh - that looks promising... I appreciate the time and info. Thanks again.
  2. So THAT's what that color means! Thanks! The color looks good in Cura now. Let's see if the top and bottom print correctly this time.
  3. So I can ignore a red bottom. I still have no understanding as to 1) how the normals came to be pointing inward 2) how to correct it All I did was create the sphere in Sketchup.(and the box of course) and exported it into an STL. What do I do to prevent the normals from being reversed?
  4. Why does the bottom face need support? What are "normals"? How did they get reversed? I'm new to this stuff...
  5. Where do we find explanations for errors in Cura 4? And how to correct them? Including what the errors are/mean? I created a box with a sphere inside and the bottom face and the top of the sphere are both red for some unexplained reason. Thanks, Walt
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