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  1. Hello all, I'm struggling quite a lot with stringing, adjusting retractions, coasting and others. I'm wondering if there is a setting in Cura for next purpose. This is a standard stringing test model: In order to reduce travel time and stringing chances, is there a way (without modifying code manually) to partial print layers? Let me explain it better. After printing base, is there a way to print, for example... 10 mm for left tower, from Z 10.00 to Z 20.00 then move to print right tower, from Z10.00 to Z 20.00 return to left tower and print from Z 20.00 to Z 30.00 and so on? This will dramatically reduce travel time, retractions and stringings. I'm pretty new on 3D printing world, so please, don't be too hard with me if this is a newbie question : ). Thank you!!!
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