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  1. I was thinking quite the opposite... The opening upwards - like a bucket... (the same way your drawers was oriented...) You can print it any way you want, if you turn on support - but it will use more filament.
  2. Yes, support is needed. 🙂 But if there is room on your printer, it's better to rotate the case in Cura so the openings faces up - that way, you don't need support. (Unless there is some features on the backside of the case we don't see...)
  3. Uhh... You have to hit the 'Preview' button to actually slice it? 😏 The 'Prepare' view are for easy/fast positioning, resizing, rotating etc. the object on the printing bed. 🙂
  4. Ok, i didn't actually test that setting; there was too many other small differences in the profiles in v4.2.1 for me to keep track of, so i downgraded to v4.1. 🙂 (Like material line width set to 0.44, with a 0.4 nozzle; layer width choices was only 0.12, 0.16, 0.20, etc.)
  5. I also have a lot of problems with supports, among other tings with v4.2.1. I reinstalled v4.1, and noticed a setting that might contribute to the problem: "Minimum Support Area" are set to 10 mm2 in v4.2.1, while in v4.1 it's set to 0 mm2. Also, i found support harder to remove with the "Enable Support Interface" enabled - and i found the "Support Wall Line Count" set to 1, a waste of time and filament... 🙂
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