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  1. Did anyone try this? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2993354 Is the NFC Chip the same in both printers 3 and S5?
  2. Hi, ich habe dasselbe Problem mit unserem S5, dass beim PVA und auch beim Breakaway nichts gefördert wird zu Druckbeginn. Allerdings nur beim ersten Druck nach Einschalten des Druckers. Was hilft ist, kurz vor Beginn des PVA-Drucks den Hebel am Filamentmotor umzulegen und das PVA händisch weiter zu schieben. Dabei fiel mir auf, dass man das problemlos 2-3 mm schieben kann, bevor es die Düsenspitze erreicht. Seit heute habe ich den sogenannten "Prime Blob" (deutsch weiß ich gerade nicht, findet man unter "Druckbetthaftung") aktiviert. Dadurch fährt der S5 den Druckkopf vor
  3. @NBull Funny enough, it just happened again, but with Breakaway... I did the XY calibration right before the print and it worked very well. Started the print right after that and look, no material printing on nozzle 2 in the first 3 layers. Didn't not think about touching the filament before cancelling to see if it gets transported sadly. 😞
  4. I experience the same problem from time to time. What helps me is at the first print of the day / after turning on the printer, I pull the lever of the second feeder and push the PVA a little bit forwards. I do this right before the PVA nozzle wants to start printing. There is no real resistance when pushing and it can be pushed quite a distance before something comes out the nozzle. After that, it works fine as long as the printer is powered on. I feel like the printer is retracting the PVA too much somewhere before the prints or after the prints. @lewisa3:
  5. Glad it works now! To the name, the guide says: You mean this? So your file is added as a separate file, but with the same name? As long as it works now...
  6. Ok, that is weird, but as I'm only a Windows and Linux User, my knowledge about Apple comes to end end here, sorry. What else came to my eye: He says he renamed it from .def.json to only a .def Did you rename it to a .def or a .def.json?
  7. Are your support settings on "touching buildplate" or "everywhere"? If it's the second one, try the first. Also, you can try to set another support angle. I think it's 45° by default, I'm using 55°.
  8. Sadly not, you can only view the camera stream if you are in the same network as the printer.
  9. Well, did you just open the files and edited them or did you actually copy them first and renamed them to add them to the original files after editing, as the guide says? Also, I can't imagine that Apple only has a simple text editor and no other editor in the store with more coding functionality. Quick Google brought this up for example: https://beebom.com/best-text-editors-for-mac/
  10. Yes, that is true. Never had a print fail when printing overnight and the spool flipped. I will try the top holes when we got all the furniture and post an update here.
  11. Was ich da gern mal mache ist, die Teile fast ganz oben rechts in der Ecke zu positionieren. Dann fährt das Auto Leveling auch nur das obere rechte Viertel von der Platte ab und dementsprechend dauert es auch nicht so lange. Ich würde es beim nächsten Mal auch direkt über iGo3D machen, nachdem der andere Reseller nur deren Mails an mich weiter geleitet hat.
  12. Ah ok, so I'm not the only one. I also put a second spool in it to prevent flipping. I once tried what happens, when I put the second spool also on the PVA axles with one side, but it made it worse. Can't imagine having three spools in there to use all three outputs because of that, though. I haven't tried using the top holes yet, because of missing furniture in our newly founded Maker Space here in the company. But my guess would be the flipping ends when using the top holes. Does that also not work for you?
  13. As long as they also add the option to turn the LED frame lights from white to red or blue, I'm cool with it. 😄
  14. 😄 Yes, just wondered about the German translation not mentioning the pulsating function. Or is this the same case in English?
  15. Ich halte das auch etwas für Bevormundung. Vor allem, wenn man das Auto level optional macht und sich dann zig Kunden beschweren, dass die Drucke nicht klappen, kann man ja immer noch sagen "tja, hättest auto level nicht ausschalten sollen" Verstehe also das Problem nicht daran, das ausschaltbar zu machen. Aber egal, läuft wieder und wenns wirklich nen Teiledefekt war, ist es halt Pech. Also soweit ich das verstanden habe, ist iGo3D für sämtliche Reparaturen zuständig, weil die die einzigen von UM geschulten Techniker haben. Wir haben auch über einen anderen Shop gekauft un
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