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  1. That appears to have fixed it! It even fixed some other areas that were doing something similar. I'll have to do some test prints.
  2. Oh wow thank you so much! I will try this as soon as I can and let you know if it works.
  3. I'd be happy to supply a project file. I will do that as soon as I get home from work today. Edit: I have uploaded the test object file from my first image above. CFFFP_test.3mf
  4. I'm getting an issue where Cura is applying bridge settings on top of solid fill layers. I always set Bridge Skin Support Threshold to 95% because otherwise Cura almost never applies bridging to the skin. This setting seams backwards to me but whatever. The attached images illustrate this. The first one is a simple test object with a bridge operation. As you can see it gets to the point where it needs to start printing solid top layers, then there is a bridge during that. But it's applying the bridge settings to the skin across the whole layer on top of the solid layer. And here is a practical example. Again the bridge needs to happen pretty close to the top layers. But it's applying bridge settings to the whole layer instead of only where the bridge is happening. Not only is this a structural issue, it is also an aesthetic issue as seen in the following layer in this image. Part of the layer with the bridge is also a visible top layer. Here is what it should be doing. This is Simplify3D so the colors are a bit different but you can see that it's only applying bridge settings to the overhanging part. Is this a bug? I tried just about every setting imaginable and cannot get it to slice correctly.
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