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  1. confirmed those settings, note: surface has no top or bottom. it seems that spiral just not working right going to fake it, for now. surface both wall count 1 infill 0 top 0 bottom 4 nozzle set as 0.50 with a 0.40mm physical for thicker lines tried.. failed - nope too shallow of an angle.. will too steep around 27 mm
  2. I had printed this model with an earlier version of Cura, about 5 months ago. I did not notice the issue then, it printed fine. Well, not quite. It was weak near the upper bulge, so I was going to print a new one using a 0.40 mm nozzle, pretending to be 0.50 mm to make a thicker spiral. That is when I saw the issue. I had started the print before I noticed the issue in Cura realizing it was not going to complete correctly.
  3. Having an issue with spirializer. seems to be an issue with CURA 4.3.0 STL of: I Dream of Jeannie I believe I downloaded the original bottle stls from : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3192392 I scaled teh solid version down from 214mm to 100mm within Cura, set spiralizer , but it generates gaps in the spiral. I then re-scaled befor cura, made new stl file. at 100mm (Height), but spiralized had the same issue. tried many settings for quality, smooth specialized contour, and adaptive layers. no real change. if I resize it back up to 214 mm within cura, and it seems ok then. I'm at a loss. Attached is gcode, and stl file I D J2.gcode I D J2.stl
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