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  1. To make our Raise3D Pro2 Dual printers work with Cura I ended up copying and modifying the Raise3D N2 definitions to create a custom printer type (files attached). To use them, unzip the attached zip file into your "C:\Program Files\Ultimake Cura 4.3\resources\definitions" directory (assuming Windows) and hopefully Cura will offer it as a printer option after you restart. I updated the build plate dimensions in the new definition, but the main fix involved updating the extruders' "steps per unit" setting in the "machine start g-code" section, which went from E140 to E6640. The new
  2. To make g-code in Cura for the Raise3D Pro2 Dual I created a new printer type by copying the Raise3D N2 Dual and updating the print dimensions X/Y/Z = 280/305/300mm. I also had to make a small change to the "Start G-code" in the printer machine settings. The default g-code makes two calls of "M92 E140", which sets the number of steps per unit. I think there might be some unit confusion happening here because it effectively stops the printer from extruding anything. After rebooting the printer to reload the original M92 value and commenting out those two commands in the Start G-code
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