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  1. Dense infill under solid layer Someone is working on PrusaSlicer: if the infill% is under 40%, it search a supported area under each solid surface, with only straight lines between perimeters. When it find one, it use a special infill process that lay a perimeter (with overlap, so it's ~supported by the current internal perimeter and then a 42% rectilinear infill inside it. This will prevent any curling that may ruin your top surface, and ensure everything can be supported even with an infill ratio of 0% note: beta feature, not yet in the release package. It
  2. I normally print in ABS that curl up in such cases and the nozzle then hit that curling damaging the whole layer and subsequent print. Also some time some of the features are printed in air in the gaps of infill.. Overall this feature will not only improve the performance but will save time, filament usage and offcourse money.
  3. My question ... is the solution in above picture possible... or what the cura programmers look on this... !!!
  4. Some of my work for silicone mold making
  5. Yaa a lot of work... These are all independent components glued together...
  6. As the bridging option has already been added in newer updates of cura...I hope the cura team will look into the above posted sketch and make some custom boundaries on existing infill as shown .. This will be a wonderful addition...
  7. Dear Mr. Klien, Thanks for answering... Actually you are right to increase the layer density and the layer direction changes... But providing this feature in the Cura will save more material and money i think.
  8. I printed this model last month..
  9. Hi, This is my first post and first question. Is their any feature in Cura that avoid falling of top layer in the infill. Please see the picture .
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