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  1. Hi, is there any news? My printer is making exact same noise (I assume, cannot open video anymore). What was it?
  2. Hi, we try to print a support with overhang which needs support. Unfortunately, Cura does not put support on the whole area but leaves an area with no support in the middle. I assume, that Cura wants to save support material and thinks, that the printer will use bridging. This works in 20% of the prints, in 80% not. The first layer which is placed on the support fails quite often. I attached some photos and some cura screenshots. Is there a possibility to improve the slicer in a way, that it does not leave areas with no support? Or can one improve bridging?
  3. Is there any progress? We are also struggling with this issue. Sometime even prints sent by network do not appear in print list (although they are printed). Till then, maybe there is a workaround? Like sending a http-request to printer to stop whatever it is doing? The S5 is not very cheap and mainly sold to business users. It's annoying that you cannot stop the printer from the network/home in some cases. We think about buying an IP-socket (120$ and more) because the software of printer shows the bugs mentioned. This should not be workaround intended. It's
  4. @thorsenrune If you can monitor from your PC at work, LAN connection inside your company is fine. I assume, that you can also access the dashboard of the printer via its IP address. Did you connect your printer to Cura "cloud"? If so, it's maybe the same problem as within our network. The Ultimaker needs specific ports for communication with Ultimaker-Servers. The camera stream needs port 8080 for example. In our network all these ports are blocked so the Ultimaker cannot call home. If its a similar problem with your printer, you need to ask your IT-department to unlock
  5. Thank you very much 🙂 Does it also hold for Cura network printing? I recognized that the camera stream uses 8080... University networks are quite complex and I would like to get this network printing work over VPN etc. I appreciate your help! Greetings from Germany 🙂
  6. Hi, We would like to use network printing and cloud functionality but it is not working so far. Do you know, which ports are used for there functionalities? Thanks in advance! 🙂 Yours, Frowin
  7. I finally (after some hours) managed to get it run now. What I did: 1. I took a computer, installed DHCP and connected it directly to printer via cable (so that the printers gets any IP, doesn't matter which) 2. I used ssh to connect to the printer via cable with this computer (running DHCP) 3. I found out service-id with connmanctl services 4. I executed the following command connmanctl config <service> --ipv4 manual <IP address> <netmask> <gateway> and it worked! Hopefully I didn't miss a step above... After reboot (with
  8. So, I connected to printer via ssh, which works fine and shows the "Ultimaker" logo but when I execute connmanctl services I don't get any result. Just an empty line. So is there no connmanctl service or did i do sth wrong? I only entered via ssh and typed in the command above. I attached a screenshot. Thanks for your help in advance! @freesbee do you have an idea? EDIT: So I was able to enter connman tool, look at "help" etc. but for some reason, no service is running. I tried to enable ethernet via connman enable ethernet and it says
  9. @gr5 Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate it 🙂 I will try the connman approach now
  10. Is there any progress on this topic? We are using the S5 in a university environment and are totally disappointed by the lack of a possibility to set ethernet parameter manually. It's not uncommon to set IP, Gateway, Subnet etc. manually in a university/company network. I really don't get it, why this function is missing in a 6000$ machine while being standard for 99% of 3D printers. Sorry for being harsh, but we just need to get this thing working in our network. We can't buy more if there's no solution although they make good results. Where do I have the best chance t
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