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  1. The problem occurs when I try to submit a file to Cura from within Fusion 360 I am using Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.6 Fusion 360 Version 2.0.6258 Cura Version 4.2.1 If Cura is already open, the file is transferred correctly but if it's closed, Cura opens and crashes and I get this message. If I choose a different application in the "3D print" pallet like for instance "Slic3er", I don't get that message and the app launches. So it seems to be specific to Cura in my case anyway. From what I could see in the few ours I spent trying to fix it, this looks like it's still an unresolved issue. If someone at Ultimaker want's to look at this bug, I will be happy to help in any way. I love Cura and I want to help if I can so that it's has bug free as possible. Thanks for your help. - Blaise
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