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  1. Holding down the Shift key and using the trackpad worked on the Lenovo.
  2. Sorry I wasn't specific and my terminology isnt that great. I am only talking about the way to look at models in the software itself and has nothing to do with the printer. Anyways, I figured it out on the MBA. Holding down the Shift key and using the trackpad moves it the way I want. now I need to try it on the Windows laptop. Thanks to all who have replied!
  3. Thank you. I tried using Shift with the trackpad on the Macbook and it moves the view up and down. If I use 2 fingers on the trackpad I can zoom in and out. I can do the same while using an Apple magic mouse on the Macbook. I'll try it out on the Lenovo later this evening.
  4. Hello, I am new to the forum but have been using Cura for around 1 year and i am staying with V 3.6 (tried 4.0 but didn't like the interface.). I have it installed on my Macbook Pro with OS X and a Lenovo Ideapad with Windows 10. On the Macbook, after I have loaded a model, I pressed a key or combination of keys and the bed would raise up and pressing some other key, I could lower it. When I wanted to zoom in I could raise the bed so I could see all or part of the model or a specific area. I want to be able to do the same thing in Windows but no mater what keys I press I cannot get the bed to move up or down. I can use the arrow keys and they will move it that way, I just can't get it to move up or down. Anyone know what keys I should press to do this or is this something that only works with OS X? Thanks for any help.
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