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  1. There was no real "thought" that went out to my placement. I just sort of placed as they fit. How do I specify a minimum distance between the parts? I was trying to look at the Layer Start X and Y values, but I don't really understand what to change
  2. Please ignore the bottom 2 screencaps! I thought they were deleted...
  3. Hi! I am trying to do a print with multiple items. However, when I view the toolpath, it just looks all funky. It doesn't seem to be going in a logical fashion, but maybe I am not understanding some of the travel settings. Is it just choosing the fastest path? Even if it doesn't seem to be following the parts in a "strategic" order? Or should I be placing my parts on the build plate differently? Thanks in advance for all the help. These are my travel settings When it prints the brim, it starts in the bottom left, but then moves to t
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