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  1. I moved back to 4.6.1 after full reset of profiles , now all work ok, 4.7.x still not stable. Regarding your question I suggest to use custom printer FFF which solve most of the problems then change to your specific printer
  2. Yes I did, but when I tried to import the profile most of them mentioned successful, but as you can see in the screen capture above it doesn't show the profile if Import it again it will increment the # in case above #3 but still will not show it like the profile is there but its hidden, I believe the problem is with ver 4.7 since they touch the profile module
  3. I upgrade to Cura 4.7 and didn't get back my profiles , when tried to import all profiles report successful but only 2 out of 10 profile are shown in the profile lists when I try to import again I got incremental # but with out viability any help? is there a tool to check the profiles validity ?
  4. upgrade to 4.7 and got Nozzel size empty without option to choose size any tip ?
  5. need help on how to define Artillery Sidewinder X1 in Add Printers is there a profile I can add ?
  6. I had the same problem , work for me after killing all cura.exe in task manager then on cura 4.2.1 icon right click running troubleshoot compatibility open as windows 8 then uncheck the "Send (Anonymous) print information as TrollingFlies explain above
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