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  1. sometimes I run into a problem and all the solutions I know ... don't work and I get stuck. to get then an input gives food for thoughts with new approaches. resetting the frustration-level to zero with new motivation to solve the problem from a different angle. in short: thanks to you all for your inputs! great community!
  2. Thank you geert_2 .... very good and helpful input! there is a lot of info on the net about under-extrusion but very little about over-extrusion. anyway it was time to do some maintenance work and cleaning the print-head did the job I think. had done some nylon-printing and I guess that left some residue in the print-head and after cleaning and doing a test-print ... all looks good even with a standard-cura-profile.
  3. not perfect yet ... but a whole lot better! THX yellowshark! I took your tip's and applied it in Cura for the initial-layer. here a screenie of the settings I used and I hope somebody could help to make that first layer even better?! .
  4. THX Smithy for your input! yes I print on the original UM2+ glass. is it possible that the glass-plate can deform after a while? (I had no problems so far!). although I tried leveling with a good scratch on the calibration-card and another barley touching it, but I'll give it another shot! I decided to let the print run despite the first layer and look at the dark colored areas after a few layers ... looks like "burn-marks"? .
  5. sorry forgot to mention that I'm using the Ultimaker PLA with a 0.15mm layer-height and trying to solve this with a default normal-profile in Cura.
  6. I don't know what is going on and I would appreciate some advice from a 3D-Print-Pro! slicing my stl-file with Cura 4.4.0 and having leveled the build plate of my UM2+ several times, I'll get this "uneven" first layer that is in certain areas not smooth at all. I tried cleaning, apply an adhesive and different plate-adhesion methods with the same result. BIG thanks in advance for pointing me the right direction to get a perfect first layer!
  7. thanks @Job_van_gennip for your input! it is a surprise that a printer in this prize range doesn't offer some kind of filament end detection 😳 well then lets get a scale and hope for possible upgrades!
  8. first of all: hi to all! coming from another 3D-Printer I finally made the step for the Ultimaker 2+ and I'm really glad I did! one thing I need help or a good advice though is how to deal when the filament spool gets empty and I'm not around. I like to start a 3D print either over-night or during the day when I'm out at work. my previous printer had a device to detect if there is no more filament and paused the print. but the Ultimaker 2+ just continues without the filament and it's quite a hustle to get the last bit of filament out of the bowden tube. how do you guys deal with th
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